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  • Tasting notes: Sweet, gentle, perfectly modulated for your brew method

    A blend with heart. Because everyone needs a “no-brainer”. This is the filter coffee you brew in the morning, when you’re on autopilot, too tired to make a choice.  You want a tasty, balanced, aromatic cup with no jarring flavours.

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  • Tasting notes: Thick yet smooth & satisfying

    So named because we want espresso to express deliciousness, not aggression. We believe it should be the little drop of digestif that finishes a meal. It shouldn’t bite your tongue off, it should go down smoothly, helping you complete the pleasure of your meal. For this, we have chosen a sweet natural Brazil , combined it with a mélange of finely-flavoured washed Arabicas and the tiniest smattering of high-end Indian Robusta for its hefty chocolate notes. Named to honour the many suns Brian watched rising over the East Coast Parkway of Singapore.

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