Shirin began her career in the coffee-growing highlands of Papua New Guinea where she lived on a 98‐acre coffee estate and managed a coffee roasting and exporting company. Moving on, she was roaster and buyer for a specialty coffee chain in Singapore, followed by seven and a half years as coffee buyer for a leading specialty roaster in California. Following the lure of the mountains, she moved into the shadow of the Swiss Alps, spending five-and-a-half years as the guardian of coffee expertise knowledge at a major Swiss roasting company. From planting to roasting to exporting to sourcing to writing...Shirin has never really done anything but coffee. And she thinks it's an eminently worthy occupation.

Brian has managed businesses at a regional and global level, having been based in the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, the USA and Switzerland. As a chemist with a lifetime spent working around oilfields and heavy equipment, Brian was utterly enchanted the first time he saw the delicately crafted lines of a small coffee roaster. The machine beguiled him, and soon enough, he was hooked on the idea of using such a finely engineered piece of equipment to create deliciousness. As anyone working in coffee knows, once in it, you’re hooked. Such has been Brian’s fate.

Our Philosophy

We believe life is too short to drink anything other than the best, and no coffee should be “too good” to blend. Whether single origin or blend, we feel only the finest ingredients we can find should be used. This devotion to quality is the cornerstone of Brit & Bean Coffee. There can be a lot of mediocrity around us and we’re all faced with moments of compromise. Let your daily coffee, at least, be a singular moment of satisfaction, hand roasted to bring out pure deliciousness.

Today, our aim and our daily joy is to roast the best coffee we can find, to bring you the stories of why it’s so good, and to share it with other lovers of delicious coffee.

Why the heart-shaped logo?

One of the traditional art forms of rural western Switzerland is a fine paper cutting (decoupage) that depicts Alpine cow herding scenes, often the “desalpage”, or the end of summer festival when the cows descend from their high summer pasture to winter in the villages. The classic form, using black paper on a white background, comprises a finely detailed heart with cows and Alpine chalets in silhouette at its centre…the scenery evoking everything we love about this country. It was fitting to cut our own little piece of heart into the image.

Drawn to Switzerland by the staggering beauty of its mountains, we saw an opportunity to open our own humble roastery in the Birs River valley. In an old paper factory, with the help of a beautiful little roaster, Brit & Bean set out to create what we ourselves want in coffee: fresh-roasted, extremely high-quality beans, carefully sourced and despatched to you within 48 hours of roasting. In fact, preferably roasted to your order, so it’s not sitting on a shelf somewhere staling, instead of fragrantly fresh in your cup. Send us your order, tell us what you need, and we will roast it for you.