"The Guatemala coffee is AWESOME...the smell alone is enough to wake you up! LOVE IT !!! The package, label are simply adorable...I give you TOP MARKS!!! 3 cups HEAVENLY, just divine coffee...velvety and a creamy foam! Before I enjoy cup number 4...the aftertaste is incredibly elegant, that cannot be - did you conjure a masterpiece? Where did you hide the acidity? The Papua New Guinea smells great, like a bar of chocolate - I'm sooooo excited and your coffee was my first pleasant thought today when waking up. Well, the PNG is a very typical and masculine coffee, at the beginning with distinctive acidity that disappears when it cools down, tastes deliciously bitter - even if you eat a piece of Christmas Stollen with it, the coffee still dominates the taste. A TASTE EXPERIENCE "

Heike L.
Echzell, Germany