Kenya - Nyeri AA+


Tasting notes: Rich with the umami of fresh luscious tomato sauce and deep blackcurrant notes

For lovers of freakish acidity and cassis extravaganza, we’ve got to have a Kenya. For our inaugural roast, we decided to lash out and source this AA Plus cup. Extravagant in cup quality – if you love big juicy acidity and full body, this one’s for you. We’ve roasted it so you taste its characteristic notes, but without being affronted by the acidity.

250g resealable bag

Beans or ground?
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Kenya, the ‘King of Coffee’ is blessed with perfect terroir and plant varieties to match. Smack bang on the equator, up to 2,100 metres above sea level, incredibly rich volcanic soil and deep top soils marry with tree varieties to produce the lushest of berry fruit flavours. It’s not just the acidity and fruit notes that make Kenyan coffee so impressive though, it’s also the prodigious body it has, giving you a deep mouthful of flavour. This quality is sourced via a weekly open auction, where buyers compete for the best cup quality and often, grade. AA refers to the size of the beans (the largest in Kenya), whilst “plus” indicates an especially fine, complex cup.


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